What is soccer prophecy?

Soccer prophecy is the only platform where soccer punters are awarded freely. It does not require you gambling your money but gives you the chance to predict without fear of loss.

What award does soccer punters get?

There are three stages in soccer prophecy. Each stage winner qualifies for the next stage. The winner of the three stages get a sum of 4 million Naira cash prize. The winners of the second stage get a compensation fee of 170 thousand Naira.

Is there any compensation for the first stage winners?

Yes, seven thousand Naira would be given to those who crossed the first stage only in celebration of the stage 3 winners.

How do each winner get paid?

Money will be deposited to the bank of various stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3 winners. Winners will be contacted via phone number and we advise you update your profile.