How to get goal-goal and over 2.5 odd

This combo unlike others is very risky and yet profitable. It occurs almost about 60% of matches played in a day. And yet we punters finds it difficult to know what teams are going to fall into this combo. I will be sharing with you some important information or rather basic ideas behind this kind of combo.

The first thing to note is the scoring ability of these teams. But not withstanding, scoring abilities doesn’t necessarily mean the two teams must always score a goal-goal each time they meet. For example, the match between Man u vs Liverpool on 03-02-2019 ended up as no goal-goal. Yet this two teams are well known for their high scoring ability. The best way to predict this combo is to check their previous matches and number of chances that was missed. To prove my point lets take Juventus vs Atletico Madrid kicking off next week. You will find out that both Juventus and Atletico will score at least one goal each. Why is this going to be so? In the previous match held in Madrid, Juventus scored no goal and Atletico also lost several chances even though they had two goals.

Mistakes don’t happen twice. Juventus are known for their great scoring ability. And it shows that their next match with Atletico will produce a goal or two. Atletico had several opportunities but they ended up scoring 2 out of several golden opportunity they had. With this statistics you can be rest assured that their next meeting will end up goal-goal and over 2.5.