Money Magnet

Welcome to Money Magnet. Its a platform in soccer prophecy which enables football fans to make money by their ability to predict correctly. It is a 3 stage platform which enables you earn a sum of 16,000 Naira. There is also a 3,000 Naira compensation for those who got to the last stage but could not finish.


  1. Signup to as only registered users are permitted to participate.
  2. From Monday to Friday get a total of 5 odd using bet9ja platform(send the booking code as comment)
  3. After getting a correct 5 odd, get another 5 odd on Saturday (only) which will take you to the last stage.
  4. For those who made it to the final stage should get a 5 odd on Sunday which enables you to earn your 16 thousand Naira to any bank of your choice.
  5. make somebody know about it to enhance your points on our platform.

Compensation of 3, 000 Naira will be awarded to those who got to the final stage but couldn’t pass the last stage. Double booking codes or opening of multiple accounts is prohibited as it can deny you from earning. Booking code should be sent a day before the start of the first match. Soccer Prophecy is set to help you win and we ask that you let your friends know about us.

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